We Want YOU to Join the Learn Forward Team

We Want YOU to Join the Learn Forward Team

Emily Siegel

Associate Director, Office of Research & Strategic Initiatives, Campus Labs

Calling all writers, presenters, and thinkers!

Do you have thoughts, opinions, or insights on the state of higher education? Do you have knowledge of best practices? Or do you have creative programming ideas that can be replicated by another institution?

Learn Forward would love for you to share your voice and perspective with the greater higher education community!

The Learn Forward community has expanded greatly over the last year, and we need your help to continue moving it forward. Serving as a channel for professionals to access valuable resources, information, and perspectives, Learn Forward aims to bring together a wide variety of voices and perspectives in the field. From new professionals to veteran scholar-practitioners, we are looking for people to write or present on a variety of topics impacting and related to higher education including, but not limited to, trends in higher education, best practices, creative strategies, hot topics, and careers in higher education. There are a variety of opportunities including writing for the Learn Forward blog, presenting a webinar for our upcoming series, serving as an author for a series of eBooks, or even contributing to our podcasts (coming soon!).

You may be thinking, “Why me?”
…to which we say, “Why not you?!”

Top 5 Reasons YOU should join the Learn Forward Thought Leadership Community:

  1. Whether you know it or not, you do have something to offer. Sure, we’ve all been there – we doubt what we have to offer. While it may feel at times as if you have little to bring to the table, the reality is everyone brings a unique perspective to the field that should be considered and celebrated.

  2. You are a part of the community. A learning community is just that – a community! As higher education professionals, we know first-hand the importance of life-long learning at every point in our lives. Even though you may think you still have so much more to learn, keep in mind that is why we’re all here – to learn. But we also each have something to give, and it’s the give-and-take that makes a community, a community.

  3. When we teach, we learn. As higher education professionals we all know we learn that much more when we teach. By sharing your thoughts, experiences, and expertise with the group, you will be sharpening your knowledge base as well as your writing and presenting skills.

  4. Expand your resume. Actively participating in the Learn Forward community as a writer or presenter is a great way to keep your resume updated and fresh. And, if considering a transition to a new area or department, the Learn Forward community can be a great platform for showcasing to future employers your expertise in that area.

  5. Take a risk. We tell our students all the time to get out of their comfort zones – so lead by example. Why it might be scary to consider putting yourself and your ideas out there, it is important for us to do so in order to grow both professionally and personally.

But, what about the time commitment? We know there never seems to be enough hours in the day and it can be daunting to commit to one more thing. So, the commitment can be as short or as long as you’d like - you could commit to a one-time post or presentation, or you could serve as a recurring writer or presenter, or even something in-between! Don’t let the time commitment be the thing that holds you back – we’ll work with you.

Ready to jump in? Or maybe you want to learn more? Contact us here or on Twitter @LearnForwardHE. We look forward to having you join our growing community!

Emily Siegel

Associate Director, Office of Research & Strategic Initiatives, Campus Labs

Dallas, TX