[Webinar Recap] Print, Digital, and Social Media Marketing: Going beyond email

[Webinar Recap] Print, Digital, and Social Media Marketing: Going beyond email

Tyler L McClain

Assistant Director, Office of Research & Strategic Initiatives, Campus Labs

As Higher Education Professionals intentionality should be a foundational part of everything that we do, including our print, digital, and mobile marketing. What does the call to action for student involvement on your campus look like? During this webinar, our content marketing experts shared best practices for creating consumable content that develops your voice, promotes your value proposition, and resonates with your audience.

Our presenters Luke Kerouac, Assistant director for Student Involvement and Leadership at Dixie State University (DSU) and Brandon Price, Coordinator of Student Organizations and University Events at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) have previous experience collaborating on marketing projects. Also their combined experiences in education and corporate marketing brought valuable insight to attendees throughout the presentation.

Luke directly advises the Student Life and Public Relations branches within the Dixie State University Student Association. He spent 4 years in marketing and public relations. Luke got his start as a marketing intern and later a marketing associate. He was responsible for helping grow online social presence and overseeing all online marketing efforts for OveractDev Technology Partners before coming to DSU. Prior to graduating in Business Administration and Marketing from Dixie State University in 2013 Luke worked in sales for 7 years. Luke enjoys planning and promoting DSUSA events and loves working with students in higher education.

Brandon has worked at the University of Central Arkansas since August of 2014. Prior to working at the UCA, he was a highly involved student leader at Dixie State University in St. George, Utah where he oversaw and developed publicity and marketing efforts for over 60 major campus events. While at DSU, he received his BS in Communication with an emphasis in New Media.


We all do it, but how can we do it better? Brandon started by sharing an image of a typical posting area on campus, covered with print materials of varying sizes and design quality. Utilizing this image he walked attendees through five design principles explaining how each related to connecting your audience with the call to action on your print marketing. He emphasised the importance of placement and consistency in marketing while sharing his successes and challenges.

Digital Signage Systems

Print is great but digital is cool, too. So, how do you even get started? Luke explained that his experience with digital signage marketing started with learning who manages the displays on his campus. You need to know who, so you can learn how the media needs to be formatted for the particular system on your campus. He recommended developing a template and ensuring that your information does not become stale. Do not let it stay up on the display for days, weeks, or even months after the event occurred.

Social Media

Establishing a brand is about developing feelings. Brandon explained the concept of understanding the voice you intend to create through social media. Good photography is key, it must have a purpose. Make your content relevant so your audience understands why you are posting a particular image. Help them connect the dots. Using a previous events photo to promote a similar event can help create an emotional connection for your audience and enhance your reach. Brandon and Luke shared social media usage results from the Pew Research Center and how they use Canva, Flixel, or Buffer to support their social marketing.

All social media is not created equal, it is important to establish why, what, and how often you post on each platform.

Going Beyond

Maximize the resources that you have available to you. Resign a student worker's job to focus on social media or collaborate with academic departments to establish a marketing internship in your department. You can not do it all by yourself. Use this marketing challenge to provide students with the opportunity to learn and gain experience that they can leverage for a future internship or job.

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Tyler L McClain

Assistant Director, Office of Research & Strategic Initiatives, Campus Labs

Dallas, TX